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About Us

Informist Ltd has been designing business and ecommerce websites for Private Hire industry for more than eight years and over this period has refined its exemplary online booking process to provide website visitors with a fast and easy to use booking system that would allow them to place their booking within the shortest possible time and with the minimum clicks.

We have combined our data processing and online application expertise with outstanding designs to offer our customers the professional web presence that they deserve, whilst maintaining our prices at the most competitive levels. To maintain our competitive position we have adopted a continuous improvement policy where all our business processes including design and production are continuously monitored for gains in efficiency and adaptability. Investment in new technologies is one major enable of this continuous improvement process.

We have been a pioneer in the design and development of the Private Hire websites and now are proud to launch the professional instant private hire websites at dream prices. We have achieved these low prices through investments in automation of all design and production activities.

Informist has been an innovative company and innovative it remains.
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